Alexandria United Methodist Church, Ft Mitchell, Alabama
In historic Fort Mitchell, Alabama.

I call my blog "Mid Week Water Break" - Janet

Years ago, I enjoyed running medium to long distances. I ran in several 5k, 10k race events and even a few half marathons – nowadays, my pace is more in the “walking” category. I was never interested in the competition of the race – although it was enjoyable to receive 1st place in my age category in a 5k a few years ago (secret is: I was the only runner in that age category!) – but I was more interested in the accomplishment of going the distance.

What I learned during my training for these races, and then running them is this: keep your pace steady throughout the race and stay hydrated. In order that I could make it across the finish line in one piece, I needed to maintain my energy level and not get dehydrated.

The same is true in our life journeys. Balance and nourishing our spiritual life is key to making it through the distance. So whether you are in a strong spiritual nourishing routine, or if you need a little boost, we hope you find this “Midweek Water Break” refreshing and energizing!

May Day Kindness

“Who does this?!”  It was May Day and our niece Retta received a delightful surprise on the doorsteps of her new home ~ May Day baskets from the neighbor children!  Who celebrates May Day, I wondered as I read about Retta’s sweet treat, this special act of kindness.  People in today’s culture know it only […]

The Show-Me State

I like the state of Missouri.  It’s a beautiful place, the people are super nice – and with the cities of St. Louis and Kansas City, the countryside, and the nearby Ozark Mountains – well, there’s plenty to see and do.  During my years in a sales career, I traveled Missouri when it was included […]

“Givin’ It Up”

  We celebrated Ash Wednesday this week.  This day when we may come face to face with someone, and in our distracted state begin to point out something ~ but, we stop ourselves just in time.  Just in time before we say “hey, you’ve got a black smudge on your forehead.” Just in time, we remember […]

Stay in Love with God

“Being married is hard,” confessed the lovely young newlywed.  “It isn’t what I thought it would be, I thought all the wonderful dreamy things would last – this is really hard . . .”  As we sat around the table of our women’s get together, sharing coffee and thoughts about our faith, my sweet young […]


Today, my email and social media was full of exciting news in the life of the church.  The people in the region of the Alabama, West Florida UMC conference stepped up and “did good”.  The people demonstrated the second of the “Three Simple Rules” ~ the Wesleyan Way of Living ~ “Do Good”.  Here’s what […]

The Shepherds’ Story

Christmas traditions are evolving in our family.  As our children are grown and moving out into the world to establish their homes, and their own traditions, Andy & I find ourselves developing some new family traditions for the Christmas season.  We’ve always erred on the side of odd with our holiday excursions – when the […]