Alexandria United Methodist Church, Ft Mitchell, Alabama
In historic Fort Mitchell, Alabama.

Sprouts of Life, Sprouts of Love

NewLifeCOMBO_white_loWhat a beautiful Easter Sunday we had this year.  There was a break from the rain, enough sun to allow for the traditional egg hunt ~ it was a joy-filled day ~ it was a time to breathe in deep the breath of hope we have in our Resurrected Savior!  After our worship service that morning, we began milling out the front door of the church at Alexandria when someone exclaimed, “there are sprouts on the cross!”

Perhaps you’ve seen our lovely wooden cross outside at our front walk ~ it was made by hand by one of our faithful servants, and is from a tree he cut down on his property.  He then hoisted this large, heavy cross by himself and placed it in a hole in the ground where it still stands steady today.  This dead tree sprouted new life on Easter Sunday, and it was a beautiful, timely reminder of the new life we have in Jesus Christ ~ new life because he died on a wooden cross and was brought to life again.

We didn’t expect to see that new life from the dead tree that morning, and that got me to thinking ~ God does the unexpected.  Don’t you agree?

He brought forth the awaited Messiah, raising him up out of a working class family who found themselves suddenly fleeing to protect his life.  He conquers the evil of the world by allowing his son to be killed on a cross.  He makes disciples out of flawed men and women, like you and me.  We look for logic in his works and find instead a supreme authority constantly demonstrating his will in ways we’d have never predicted.

The unexpected . . . God’s unexpected ways means good news for us for several reasons.

  • It makes clear to us that neither our logic nor our desire to do good things may be trusted when we seek his will. No, to find his will we must go to him.
  • We must never worry that we are not capable or worthy enough to carry out his plan. He seems to have a fondness for developing unlikely servants.
  • We must pray continually for his guidance, or we may find that we are off course and unconnected.
  • He can make life meaningful where there was only folly before.
  • He can put life into things that have no life.
  • He loves the unlovable, and he’ll teach us how to do the same.

The unexpected. . . God brought life from death.  And we see over and again how this new life demonstrates his love for us.  A familiar verse that always brings the fresh message:  For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.  John 3:16,17                                                                                         

Perhaps we need to be reminded that God does the unexpected ~ he brings new life, sprouts of life, on a dead tree ~ in his supreme authority he saves us from our very own destruction ~ he loves the unlovable ~ and he calls the unqualified to serve him.

Like this cross at Alexandria, this dead tree as it was – you will be given new life, sprouts of life from our master who does so because He Loves YOU!  And that makes for a joy-filled day every day!

Love & Blessings Always,

Janet & Andy Krantz, Alexandria UMC


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