Alexandria United Methodist Church, Ft Mitchell, Alabama
In historic Fort Mitchell, Alabama.

Letters From Harvey

Hi there. This is Andy. I am pleased to be writing this week’s Mid-Week Water Break. Janet is busy studying for a class…

Among men that I know Harvey stands out by the measure of faithfulness he demonstrates to me. He just won’t give up on me. I feel the love of Jesus in the way he reaches out to me. He reaches out with phone calls. And with letters. He reaches out over and over again. Like I said, he just won’t give up on me.

Last year I joined the best bible study I’ve ever known about. It’s called Bible Study Fellowship, or BSF. It’s among the most well organized and thoughtfully operated groups I’ve ever been associated with. You should look them up sometime. You can find them in most cities around the country. Harvey is my group leader. Unfortunately, shortly after I joined last year I had to stop attending because of evolving priorities. I exited as gracefully as I could by explaining my circumstances to Harvey.

Months later I got a call from Harvey. BSF was starting back up again for the fall. Harvey saved a spot for me in his group and wanted to know if I’d come back. I was touched by that. I didn’t expect it, and it felt good to be remembered. He saved a spot for me!

Since then I’ve once again been pretty bad about attending. Some familiar with my situation would say my spotty attendance is justified. I’m not so sure myself. I feel kind of bad. At least, I would feel bad, except there’s this amazing thing that happens.

I get letters from Harvey.

It’s hard to just show up at BSF after you’ve missed a week because the lessons and study guide are quite detailed. You’d be kind of lost. You really need the lessons and study guide, which Harvey sends to me in the mail every time I miss a week. I don’t ask him. He just does it for me. And so, I do the lesson and I come back, which is what Harvey was hoping would happen. 

Harvey demonstrates Jesus to me. And it reminds me that I should do the same thing. And that’s how God’s love spreads.

Thank you, Harvey.

Janet and I love you and pray for you. How we look forward to seeing you on Sundays!



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